I admit it.  Coffee and it’s accompanying creamy goodness is one of my vices.  I could save myself probably 200 calories a day if I just drank my coffee black but I have clung on to my daily cup and have no desire to let it go.


I did however make a healthy switch a couple months ago from the artificially flavored myriad of coffee creamers on the market to Coffee-Mate’s Natural Bliss.  Made with just a few basic ingredients (sugar, cream and natural flavoring) I loved the simple flavor.  But now, with a second coffee drinker in the house I find that my little blue bottle doesn’t last long enough.  At almost $3.00 a bottle I am having a hard time justifying buying 3 of them a week!

So, today I decided to make my own creamers and am in total love with the simplicity of making it, the taste AND the price tag.  The ingredients together cost under $2.00 and made twice as much as the store bought variety.  Natural, yummy, cheap and the flavor possibilities are endless.


Homemade Coffee Creamer (Natural Bliss Copycat Recipe)

1 qt. half and half (natural/organic if possible)

1/4 c. organic sugar

1/2 tbl. vanilla OR 1 vanilla bean simmered with liquid and then removed

4 tbl. Dark Amber Maple Syrup (the real stuff!!!)

Lightly whisk all the ingredients in a medium saucepan.  Heat over medium heat until it just reaches a simmer, stirring occasionally.  When it just reaches a simmer, remove from heat, let cool and then bottle and refrigerate.  Should last approximately 10 days in the fridge.