I admit it. I am a chaotic crafter. I usually work on projects in small sections. One moment I’m making two dozen yo-yo’s for one project, the next moment I’m burning chiffon for a different project. It’s how I work and most of the time it works out well. I do envy people that start a painting, book…well anything and actually finish it completely before moving on. It seems like a much more productive way to work however that isn’t how I roll!

So since the new year has started I have about 6 projects going on that I want to finish this month. So…here is my January Work in Progress!

Working Top to Bottom/Left to Right:

1. Burnt Fabric Fun – Lots and lots of burnt chiffon and real silk that has been combined with flower tape, seed pearls, wire and feathers. I can’t wait to show you this final project!!

2. Yo-Yo’s – OMG! Yo-yo’s are easy to make and are great for such a variety of uses but ugh…after about 2 dozen of them made I am about ready to swear off making them ever again. “About” being the key-word! These are just a few of the satin, embroidered linen and lace ones that I made so far. These simple little pillows of cloth are going to become a fantastic wardrobe accessory, just wait!!!

3. Embroidery & Buttons – I have LOVED going back and relearning some of the basic embroidery stitches I had forgotten over the years. These simple hoops have a long way to go as I transform them from standard needlepoint to a collage of circular mixed media!

4. Paper Art – This is just one of the designs that I have started. Focusing on love and relationships I am digging the subtle newsprint/book prints mixed with soft colors. This one is just in the starting stage!

5. Paperdoll Dresses – Combine little girl dress up, paper dolls, mixed media/altered art, ink, lace, cloth, metal fasteners and dye and you might come up with something similar to what I am trying. This is the project that I have the most ideas for but having a hard time pinning down exactly how to turn it into reality. It certainly is fun experimenting though!!

So this is a little peek into my current art/chaos/madness! I can’t wait to post some finished projects soon!!