EDM: Challenge #9


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Today’s Challenge:  Draw some organized “chaos”.

this is the wall behind my sewing table. it is filled with 2 racks of threads and my empty embroidery hoops.

You can learn more about Everday Matters Challenges HERE at the author’s blog or HERE on Facebook.


EDM: Challenge #2


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Today’s Challenge:  Draw a lamp.

i have had this version of a banker’s lamp for almost a decade. it is top heavy, not all that attractive but I always find a use for it. i hadn’t realized until today that it has a rather odd etching design on the glass. Almost 10 yrs. and today was the first time i really looked @ it.

You can learn more about Everday Matters Challenges HERE at the author’s blog or HERE on Facebook.


EDM: Challenge #1


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I have started the Everyday Matters Challenges.  I know lots of bloggers who have started on this journal and I wanted to join in on the fun!  I LOVE drawing.  I always have.  However, I dislike my own drawing.  I am working thru dealing with proportion and using cleaner lines. From EDM yahoo group “Everyday Matters is a friendly community designed to encourage members to expand their creativity. Our main focus is on drawing and creating illustrated journals but we welcome creative people from all disciplines. Our group includes members of all degrees of ability and experience — from total novices to professional illustrators, artists, and teachers.”  I like this. I like the idea of taking everyday objects and drawing them.  I plan on using this as a daily exercise.  I set my timer this morning and sketched Challenge #1 for 15 minutes.

EDM Challenge #1 Tidbits and Type

EDM Challenge #1 Tidbits and Type

It isn’t anything amazing or even good.  But it did get my juices flowing this morning and besides coffee not much else does at 7am!

Everyday Matters drawing challenges came about from the book “Everyday Matters” and the artist, Danny Gregory. He has a blog and has a very active group on Facebook.  If you are interested, you can find the list of challenges here.


Upcycled Vintage Journal/Sketchbook by Halo and Meme

Upcycled Vintage Journal/Sketchbook by Halo and Meme

And a fun little find.  My journal that I use for zentangling, doodling and for storing my EDM challenges is from a good friend and talented artist, Aimee Bishop.  She makes these great little paper journals from upcycled papers and upcycled vintage book covers!  Total LOVE!  You can find her blog here and her shop, here!

Monday Project Wrap Up


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Finally got 2 projects done that I have been wanting to finish.  The first is a small quilt I made for my niece.  It is for her dolls.  I just quilted strips and both the binding and the back are from an upcycled pillow case.


When I trimmed up the edges of the quilt I took the selvage edge I cut off and used it for a small altered cuff for her.  I added a pearl snap, ribbon, lace and some sewn on beading.


I haven’t pulled out my sewing machine in awhile and I have to say it felt good to just measure, cut and sew for the last couple days!!

Free Digital Art: Keep Calm and Create

I spent some time today playing in photoshop.  I wanted to create something to hang on the door into my craft/art/studio/office/room (I still don’t know what I am calling it in here!)

Anyway this is what I came up.  I printed it on some beautiful pale brown patterned paper and framed it in a black frame.  It still isn’t hanging up on the door but it will make it there eventually.

Feel free to use it for your own personal use.  It will print at high resolution up to 8×10″.  Direct link to full size image is HERE!

January Work in Progress

I admit it. I am a chaotic crafter. I usually work on projects in small sections. One moment I’m making two dozen yo-yo’s for one project, the next moment I’m burning chiffon for a different project. It’s how I work and most of the time it works out well. I do envy people that start a painting, book…well anything and actually finish it completely before moving on. It seems like a much more productive way to work however that isn’t how I roll!

So since the new year has started I have about 6 projects going on that I want to finish this month. So…here is my January Work in Progress!

Working Top to Bottom/Left to Right:

1. Burnt Fabric Fun – Lots and lots of burnt chiffon and real silk that has been combined with flower tape, seed pearls, wire and feathers. I can’t wait to show you this final project!!

2. Yo-Yo’s – OMG! Yo-yo’s are easy to make and are great for such a variety of uses but ugh…after about 2 dozen of them made I am about ready to swear off making them ever again. “About” being the key-word! These are just a few of the satin, embroidered linen and lace ones that I made so far. These simple little pillows of cloth are going to become a fantastic wardrobe accessory, just wait!!!

3. Embroidery & Buttons – I have LOVED going back and relearning some of the basic embroidery stitches I had forgotten over the years. These simple hoops have a long way to go as I transform them from standard needlepoint to a collage of circular mixed media!

4. Paper Art – This is just one of the designs that I have started. Focusing on love and relationships I am digging the subtle newsprint/book prints mixed with soft colors. This one is just in the starting stage!

5. Paperdoll Dresses – Combine little girl dress up, paper dolls, mixed media/altered art, ink, lace, cloth, metal fasteners and dye and you might come up with something similar to what I am trying. This is the project that I have the most ideas for but having a hard time pinning down exactly how to turn it into reality. It certainly is fun experimenting though!!

So this is a little peek into my current art/chaos/madness! I can’t wait to post some finished projects soon!!